Ballroom Impact Fitness

Ballroom dancing requires core strength, endurance, and control – which makes it a fantastic workout!

At Ballroom Impact Atlanta, Jeff Trent incorporates elements of ballroom dancing into high-energy routines to improve your core strength, cardio endurance, and flexibility.



  • It’s perfect for those who love music, dancing, and want to really break a sweat!
  • You can master dances such as the Cha-Cha, Jive, Tango, Samba, and many more through repetition to music and a lively, social atmosphere!
  • Students have so much fun dancing to the music, they don’t even notice all the calories they’re burning!


Want to add some rhythm to your exercise routine? Join Jeff Trent and his Ballroom Fitness students on Sundays at 3:00, and start your week on the right foot!