Atlanta Elite Kids Dance

It’s never too early (or too late!) to let your child discover the musical, colorful world of Ballroom Dance!

As per our weekly schedule, we offer group classes and private lessons that develop each child’s skills in a fun, productive, and hard-working atmosphere. No partner or prior dance experience is necessary, although both are welcome!

We welcome new students all throughout the year. Before dropping in, please contact Head Coach Katya Cooper to confirm your child’s free-of-charge, first class attendance. 


benefits of ballroom

Ballroom dancing with Atlanta Elite is an all-encompassing experience that increases every student’s personal confidence and social skills, as well as their physical health. Sense of balance, posture, cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, memory, musicality, spacial awareness, and general coordination, all improve steadily, starting with one’s very first dance class.

 As your child dances more,  practices with other students, and begins social dancing, performing, and competing, their cognition and practice of poise, social graces, and respect for others, grow rapidly and establish a solid foundation of self-awareness and self-confidence. Dancers learn to be proud of their accomplishments while objectively assessing (with the help of our coaches) what skills they must next work on developing. Therein, kids who dance are more likely to mature into graceful, confident young adults who recognize the importance of how they carry themselves, of how they treat others, and of how they can continuously improve themselves, while being proud of their past growth, in every aspect of their lives. 

In our group classes and private lessons, we teach the basics of partner dancing to students starting at three years old. Our teaching focuses on the International Latin and Standard program, a collection of classic Latin and Ballroom dances celebrated worldwide. This program structures a varied and comprehensive approach of improving dance technique, as our students prepare for competitions, performances, and social dancing.


Atlanta Elite provides to their dancers the opportunity to participate in the dynamic world of DanceSport- competitive ballroom dancing. In as little as 3 to 5 months, our newcomer students can be prepared to participate in local competitions. The competitive experience allows dancers to measure the growth of their skills, to perform for other dance enthusiasts in their area, and to enjoy the performances of other dancers of various skill levels. 

Our emphasis on the International DanceSport program opens up to our dancers the largest and most colorful pool of competitors, worldwide. Whether they’ve been dancing for 6 months, or for 6 years, your child will have opportunities to perform and compare their dance to that of others on their level, all around the state and country. Before competition time, dancers are fully prepared with the routines, technique, styling, dress, and grooming necessary to show their best on the floor, and the kids’ teachers are present at all competitions to coach and encourage the kids to perform to the best of their abilities.

Besides participating in competitions, we perform show-dances to the Atlanta community. Whether they’re performed by groups or by individual couples, show-dances are an exciting departure from the rulebook-focused competitive routines that our couples learn, as they can include the most creative and visually stunning choreography created by our professional coaches. 

Throughout every calendar year, Atlanta Elite’s focus on and participation in competitions and scheduled performances gives students tangible goals to work towards, and provides motivational occasions where our dancers get to dress up, give it their all, and then have fun with their team. Our team competes all around the United States and the world. We are very proud of all that our dancers accomplish as they develop their skills and share the joy of dance with our audience!